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October 24, 2017
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Buy a Home With No Money Down

No Down Payment Home Loan

Buy a Home in California With No Money Down

Are you looking to buy a home but do not have any money for a down payment? If you answered yes to this question you are not alone. With a growing shortage of housing inventory and rapidly increasing rent prices, many would be homeowners have been shut out of the market. Many of these individuals like yourself, are unable to come up with money for a down payment because they are struggling to make ends meet. But there is good new!  You CAN buy a home in California with no money down!

Do I Qualify for Downpayment Assistance in California?

The biggest surprise is when these individuals like yourself hear that they CAN buy a house with no down payment. There are many programs available. Many people have heard of the down payment assistance programs. .But think that they do not qualify. Or  maybe its too good to be true. BUT, this isn’t the case!!! There are millions of dollars in unused downpayment assistance funds each year. This is because many individuals, like yourself, do not know that they can qualify for downpayment assistance.

How Do I Get DownPayment Assistance in California?

Getting downpayment assistance in California is as easy as filling out a loan application. You need to have a source of stable income such as job history or stable retirement, disability benefits, or any other source of income that can be documented. The best way to get started I by contacting a qualified and licensed mortgage professional who can guide you through the process.

Is Downpayment Assistance in California a Loan that Needs to Be Repaid?

There are so many programs available for potential homeowners. Some are in the way of grants, which do Not have to be repaid. Additionally, there are some downpayment assistance programs which are junior loans. They only need to be repaid if you sell the property within a certain period of time. Finally, there are some mortgage programs that do not require a downpayment at all.

About the author:
Arlene Disessa is the senior writer of California-Loans. She holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA and has over twenty years of experience in the auditing and finance industry as a prior government auditor conducting audits of large corporations nationwide. Arlene has helped many borrowers buy homes with zero money down and  also specializes in helping people with credit challenges such as low credit scores, bankruptcies, or multiple collections. You can call Arlene Disessa 7 days a week for a f no obligation consultation at phone number 530.813.0661 or email her at .

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Arlene Di Sessa
Arlene Di Sessa
Arlene Disessa is a licensed mortgage loan originator in California. She specializes in helping clients who have been previously denied a mortgage home loan due to low credit scores, insufficient income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and low income due to self-employment.

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